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Augmented Reality

DDA is leading the way for industries seeking to get the most out of the next wave of software application development. Augmented Reality is reality matched with modern devices and broadband access to deliver sophisticated photo-realistic effects directly to your point of view, for an immersive experience previously unavailable. Now anyone with a valid Augmented Reality concept has the viewing devices and the potential audience to take it to market and implement it successfully. DDA’s award winning custom software development background and extensive experience in 3D hybrid media/technology visual platforms, elearning, database development and computer programming across the entire spectrum of experiential marketing enables us to provide a level of service unmatched in integration and cost effective success. We do all of our work in house, and our staff of full-time professionals is ready to take your idea and show you just how far it can go.

With Augmented Reality you can add almost any type of design or information feature into a viewer’s environment. Acting as a 3D interface, AR can incorporate avatars and objects with lifelike vividness, and make almost any modification to the existing world with 3D computer modeling. Compelling landscapes and infographics can be readily introduced into the real world, real time scene along with well timed support information to guide and enrich the experience. With these tools you can train personnel on new equipment, take passengers on fantasy travel expeditions, teach people sports and new activities, and so much more. In fact, the development opportunities are so rich it will inspire all sorts of people—developers business owners and users—to add their own insight and move the world of Augmented Reality forward.

About DDA

DDA is poised to take you into the Augmented Reality world of application development. We have the uniquely diverse set of skills to implement creative ideas and deliver results that our clients can measure and track over time. We employ a logical approach to our projects that keeps everyone informed and focuses on achieving the core goals of the project. We can incorporate any type of multimedia component into the project without outsourcing, making for a coherent and integrated final result that exceeds expectations. Conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, our suite of services includes full-service video and editing studios and a professional sound booth. Professional writers, graphic designers and animators work closely with our computer programmers and software designers to achieve a seamless result that will prove its longevity and effectiveness in the competitive marketplace. Let’s have a discussion about Augmented Reality and how your business can best make use of this exciting method of experiential marketing.


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