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AvaKid Mobile Application

The AvaKid custom mobile application was created by Maximum Value Programming in 2011. Designed to help parents potty train children with learning disabilities, this custom-designed mobile app is a great demonstration of how combining custom mobile application development with eye-catching design and intuitive functionality can make for unique interactive experiences that really benefit the end-user. The app is branded with an illustration of the child of the founders of AvaKid Productions created in-house by MVP's professional illustrators, Grace. An intuitive graphical user interface allows for easy navigation to the topics of their own choosing. Users are able to create an avatar of their own child to help their child connect to the demonstration animations within the app. Categories of avatar customization are extensive: gender, hair color and style, eye color, skin tone, shirt color, mouth size, and face shape can all be customized.

After creating their avatar child, they can see scenes of see the child having an accident, or the child successfully going to the toilet and washing their hands.  The scenes are brightly colored and simply illustrated to connect the lesson to the child as clearly as possible. Each scene also includes voice-over narration of the child speaking through their experience. The app includes additional textual reference materials, including background on AvaKid Productions, potty training tips, and background on Grace and  the founders' experiences of raising an autistic child. MVP launched the final app on both Android and Apple platforms, integrating them into the Google Play and iTunes Store for access by the public.

Technical Features:

  • Single-source code for Android and iOS App Development
  • Thousands of possible avatar combinations

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