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MVP's pioneering role in mobile application development was acknowledged on three separate occasions. The first was the 2011 Best in Class for iPad Apps from Philips Healthcare for the XperGuide iPad Virtual Medical Simulation which trains clinicians on the use of new procedures using new medical equipment. This same app would go on to win the Best iPad Healthcare App of 2012 from the national Tabby Awards, the first year that organization issued awards for tablet app development. MVP would go on to win a second Tabby Award for the ETHOS Engage peer-to-peer collaboration and deep learning tool which helps facilitate clinical discussions led by a pharmaceutical research and development support company through the sharing of visuals, notes, select online resources, and questions from both meeting facilitators and audience members.

MVP's role as a leader in the industry has been acknowledged numerous other times in its 20-year history. The first was in 2006 with its win of two unsolicited awards for the website, an interactive, video-based website that educated women on the topic of emergency contraception. This included the Aesculapius Award for Excellence, which is given to producers of health-related radio and television PSAs (public service announcements) as well as websites who achieve excellence in the field of medical communications to the public. The second award the site won was the Outstanding Achievement Award from in 2007, a particularly notable accomplishment given the special authority the organization has in its evaluation of websites focused on women's health concerns.

Additionally, MVP's leading role in search engine marketing was recognized by Goldline Research in 2008 when the company was listed as one of the ten most dependable search engine marketing firms in the USA. MVP was one of the first companies to develop an honest, comprehensive, and ongoing search engine optimization package in its SureThing™ search engine marketing program dating back to 1996, a program that has continued to mature with the ever-evolving search engine algorithms. Furthermore, MVP has offered a wide variety of pre-launch search engine optimization enhancements for all new websites it develops, which helps ensure that each site starts off on a strong foundation on which the SureThing program will be built.



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