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Customer and Partner Portals

Customer and Partner Portals

Cloud-based computer software platforms gives businesses more ways to provide services to their peers and customers in a more efficient, cost effective manner. The opportunity to establish customer and partner portals offers shared knowledge resources and interaction without recourse to manned service points. Business customers and partners can coinhabit a website that can be deployed quickly with no additional hardware or software, 24/7 access to the company knowledge base with industry specific information filters, a forum to interact with the customer community, downloads of the latest customer content, and personalized login services with customized information. Rating and voting systems, FAQ and troubleshooting procedures, content libraries, and peer-to-peer interaction, and more. All effectively implemented through well designed customer and partner portals.

Customer and partner portals effectively deliver an online community, with all of the activities, resources, and opportunities a community fosters. MVP’s experience with customer and partner portals allow us to add maximum value to the project while ensuring seamless performance and reliable functionality across every device, using all media forms. This system also gives businesses unprecedented access to customer and user metrics, with detailed information about customer satisfaction and product input, traffic, and visitor frequency.

Whether the portal is intended for a wide audience and the broadest possible customer outreach, or a proprietary interaction between companies or with a single organization, in a peer-to-peer format, MVP can attend to the general structure as well as the customized details. We are fully conversant with cloud-based applications, information architecture, and a wide variety of the most applicable computer languages. A customer and partner portal must be as easy to maintain and update as it is easy to use, so MVP focuses on an implementation that adds value and longevity through the best strategic choices of language, platform, and hosting for optimum efficiency. Our agnostic design approach enables us to remain open to the best choice for any given application instead of being tied to one given method.

Discuss the particular portal requirements you have with MVP, a custom software firm, and get ready to open your business up to a new level of intercommunication, one that’s beneficial to every participant and evolves with your business.

MVP’s experience with e-commerce and other online user experiences make us an ideal choice for customer and partner portals. MVP is a professional custom software company that provides innovative solutions for business, healthcare, and industrial markets that other companies cannot match. With our diverse set of skills we can ensure a portal strategy that exceeds client expectations and creates a user experience that people enjoy and want to return to for repeat business. Our agile and methodical approach keeps our clients fully apprised of all steps in the process, and leads to a result that makes access to complex systems simple and effective.

Our facility located just outside Philadelphia is vertically integrated to include virtually all aspects of custom software development. Our staff of degreed professionals can implement a customer partner portal using any computer software programming language and through every portal to access every device, no matter how extensive the user base. Because e-commerce is a one of our key areas of focus, MVP is committed to custom software design that adds value to customer and partner portals over the long term. By remaining current and responsive, robust and scalable systems are easier to maintain, more secure, and more cost effective.

Choose MVP for customer partner portals that stand out above the competition. Whether you need custom software programming for cloud-based applications, custom software programming for e-commerce programs or any other type of custom software solution, MVP is a leader in cutting edge marketing services that enhance the goals of your business or organization and with customer and partner portals for your customers, employees, or colleagues. Call us or submit a request form here.



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