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Desktop Applications

MVP has been an innovator in all types of custom software development for over twenty years. We combine a uniquely comprehensive, vertically integrated structure to handle any type of desktop application project. Using a step-by-step method that integrates all facets of software development expertise, MVP closely interacts with our clients to establish the primary goals and to work out every detail precisely and accurately.

Designing for desktop applications is an incremental process that carries out intentions, reviews them with clients, and refines them for further review. To streamline and optimize this process, MVP has developed an agile and linear system that ensures all criteria for the project are met. Each job is staffed with one designer, an interactivity specialist, a user interface architect, programmers, build-out technicians, and a writer who will act as the project coordinator and the primary contact. MVP’s full-time, on-site staff are degreed professionals conversant in many programming languages, with the background to address all platforms, devices, and operating systems, ready to work in all media forms with an agnostic design philosophy.

MVP has the staff, the equipment and the custom software programming experience to incorporate any special requirements for desktop applications. Whether there are specialized needs for 3D computer animations, links to databases and management systems, or complex integration with existing software, MVP is prepared to meet the challenge.

Excellent software development relies on extracting the deep logic that defines a particular project, identifying the right language to suit the task, and following a rigorous quality control process that includes exhaustive testing and retesting. MVP works directly with our customers to determine the primary goals of the software and provide the simplest interface with the most complete and sophisticated structure to support it.

Whether you need software to be developed for a company system with an exclusive group of users, or one to be distributed and sold widely for both desktop and online users, MVP will design an attractive interface that is logical, efficient, and responsive.

MVP, a custom software firm, is conveniently situated in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic, just outside of Philadelphia, and we are proud to serve both local and international clients. We are an award winning, service based company that focuses on repeat business and long term relationships with our customers. Our peer to peer ipad-based healthcare communication system won the Tabby Award for Best Healthcare iPad App in 2014.

Over the course of our history, we have had to face many challenges, but one problem we have never faced is a dissatisfied customer. Call MVP for the finest desktop application development services available anywhere.

MVP is a leading developer of desktop applications providing professional custom software programming services and all other associated services that may be required to implement it. With innovative solutions for business, healthcare, and industrial markets MVP offers a level of customization and design unmatched in its versatility and quality. Our experienced staff of professional custom software designers creates desktop applications in whatever computer software programming language works best for any given purpose without being tied to any one option. This flexibility allows for optimum results and customized solutions to complex problems that are streamlined, easy to use, and cost effective.

Desktop applications are as varied as the list of clients, and MVP's wide ranging experience and vertically integrated skill set allows us to work closely with clients to establish the principle goals for the project and the software. Using a step-by-step approach, we develop a working the logic and organization for the software, the interface and associated graphics, including 2D and 3D animation or high level multimedia video and audio production, as well as the ideal computer software programming language and implementation strategy. Whether the desktop application is intended for proprietary use or intended for broad distribution and sales, MVP can simplify the process, make it manageable and understandable, and create results that anticipate every demand and exceed our client’s expectations. Call us or submit a request form here.



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