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E-Commerce Systems

E-Commerce Systems

Good marketing and sales depends on removing all barriers to a sale, and the advent of e-commerce systems have streamlined the purchases now regularly conducted on the internet, with millions of effective transactions conducted across the world every day. The software and IT systems that support transactions over networks make e-commerce possible, and many types of online advertising, digital currencies, and e-commerce hosts all make use of new methods for achieving safe, secure, and efficient transactions. MVP’s advanced expertise in many dimensions of online marketing and sales can give companies a decided advantage over their competitors in this rapidly advancing and highly active new field. Our experience with e-commerce systems also enables us to help companies avoid the pitfalls that can occur when companies migrate a significant portion, or sometimes all of their marketing efforts towards an e-commerce system.

There are many benefits to e-commerce systems. First and foremost is the scope of market outreach. The online advantage immediately extends your potential business to nearly any location in the world. Newer customers and markets are always emerging, and, e-commerce is rapidly being adopted by businesses everywhere. Customers enjoy shopping convenience and businesses can take advantage of the reduced overhead required by brick-and-mortar investments and logistical paperwork. The use of responsive web design ensures that online sales can be delivered to all devices and platforms for an online experience that remains intact and effective no matter where it is accessed. Depending on the size, scope, and the particular requirements of your online business, MVP can tailor an e-commerce system that is designed to reach the most customers with the most compelling and immersive sales experience, backed up with a fully optimized information architecture that effectively addresses security risks for both businesses and their customers.

MVP will protect your transactions against several key concerns including:

  • Fake or stolen credit cards and online payment accounts
  • False or inaccurate delivery information
  • False claims of damage or non delivery to get refunds
  • Sellers who do not deliver products or lesser quality than advertised
  • Security risks for consumers
  • Sites overwhelmed/hacked to prevent or subvert operations
Whether you are conducting b2b (business-to-business) or b2c (business-to-customer) online sales, MVP will establish the best practices for internet security upfront. From shopping cart software to detailed database management, MVP will attend to the large structure and the smallest details, from product imagery to the complexities of a new advertising campaign. Maximum Value Programming, with a highly trained staff of experienced degreed professionals, is located just outside Philadelphia, and our vertically integrated suite of services is uniquely equipped to handle any online marketing effort. Let us help you launch your business into internet marketing with the best tools possible.

MVP, a custom software company, is a leader in the development of innovative and cost effective e-commerce systems for a wide range of clients in business, healthcare, and industrial markets that are not otherwise available. By providing a level of customization and attention to detail our competitors cannot match, MVP can streamline operations, simplify access, and discover new efficiencies in speed and ease of use.

E-commerce systems are becoming widely popular as many businesses and organizations can see the added advantages and capabilities of cloud-based customer and partner portals. Our extensive experience with the most advanced and current modes of practice enable us to make the most optimum choices for implementation, and to ensure the software and data security needed for reliable financial transactions with 24/7 support. MVP’s vertically organized structure allows for any type of custom software development to be incorporated into a marketing effort, and we focus on solutions that anticipate customer demands and exceed client expectations.

Whether you need custom software programming for e-commerce programs, cloud-based applications, customer and partner portals, or any other custom software design challenge, MVP is prepared, with the most comprehensive and vertically integrated range of professional services available in the Mid-Atlantic region. For professional custom software that adds lasting value to your business goals and facilitates the experience of your customers, employees, or colleagues, call us or submit a request form here.



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