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ELearning is one of the most exciting educational developments the online environment has to offer. MVP is ideally qualified to address your educational goals, structure the curriculum into the most optimum interface for the user, and provide any additional production requirements needed to make the learning experience impactful and compelling. As a custom software firm widely experienced with a diverse set of satisfied clients, MVP’s vertically integrated, step-by-step approach allows us to provide state-of-the-art services in any aspect of eLearning. We can enhance eLearning material with every form of media produced in house, from 2D and 3D animation, illustration, professional presenters, and more, along with professional audio and video production to make the experience as immersive and enjoyable as possible. MVP focuses on the quality of the experience precisely because this is what will hold the student’s attention and keep them coming back for more.

In addition to the development of the interface and the user experience, MVP’s information management expertise, and a wide fluency in computer languages, enables us to act flexibly and knowledgeably to our clients’ specific needs for the most convenient and effective long term strategy. A number of well advised steps prior to development, implementation, and maintenance will ensure maximum value and longevity for the initial setup and allow for the best method to keep it running as effectively as possible. The long term life of eLearning programs is one of the critical factors in its success, and we add the value to the project to make it an established and valuable part of any curriculum. Our knowledge of information architecture gives our clients new and exciting opportunities for curricular development, and advanced features such as certification, authentication and verification for accredited programs only strengthens the validity and importance of eLearning as a bon fide learning process that is gaining more interest and implementation every year. The advent of responsive web design allows eLearning to be highly adaptable, with the capability to deliver a user interface scaled to every device and display screen, across all media, platforms, and operating systems.

ELearning is one of the most important services MVP provides, and our team is committed to creating platforms that have layers of functionality and engagement, with database programming and metrics custom developed to the specific purpose and audience. MVP won a Philips Healthcare award for one of our Virtual Medical Simulation (VMS ) projects.

The XperGuide employs both passive video based information and interactive simulations to guide physicians and radiologists through a risk-free orientation in guided needle procedures. This serves to give participants a memorable hands-on experience with the material that better prepares them for future training. Medical Design Magazine requested an in-depth article/cover story from our President that discusses breakthrough VMS training in detail.

Discuss your curricular goals with MVP and let’s make your eLearning project a success that contributes to your target audience with meaningful, trackable, and measurable results.

MVP is a professional custom software company with a well established track record for outstanding eLearning portals for business, healthcare, and industrial markets. By providing a level of expert design, highly structured organizational logic, quality custom software programming, and a range of services that are not otherwise available, we strive to create unique software for advanced educational online platforms. Our staff of full-time degreed custom software designers knows how to simplify complex curricula into an exciting user interface that organizes and streamlines the information into an intuitive and memorable eLearning experience.

Many types of associated custom programming expertise can also be incorporated into the implementation of an eLearning project, and MVP’s agile and versatile approach allows us to provide any other aspects of an eLearning project that may be required. Whether the curriculum also requires e-commerce, cloud-based software development and delivery, software-as-a-service, advanced database management, or medical eLearning software applications with cutting edge graphics and interface design, MVP can assist you with their award-winning expertise. Call us or submit a request form here.



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