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ETHOS Engage P2P Collaboration and Deep Learning Tool

The ETHOS Engage Peer-to-Peer Collaboration and Deep Learning Tool was created for the pharmaceutical research and development support company ETHOS Health Communications by Maximum Value Programming in 2013. This interactive iPad meeting platform was developed to ensure that ETHOS could effectively engage clinicians and thus ensure both enthusiasm and retention of the information conveyed. The meeting platform and app are built upon numerous features that allow meeting presenters the opportunity to share a wide range of media with an audience, with additional interactivity features designed to encourage the audience members to personalize their reception of both the presenter's message and the supporting information associated with the meeting. As ETHOS wanted a lot of flexibility in how it facilitated meetings with the app, administrators are given a wide range of options in how the platform can be used so that each meeting experience facilitated by use of Engage can be tailored to the unique audience at hand.

The platform's administration functions helps presenters more easily assemble media to be presented during meetings and manage the flow of the presentation of this information. In addition to controlling the content that is presented to the audience through the app, presenters are able to elaborate with annotations which are mirrored along with the meeting materials seen by the audience members on the spot. Audience members are able to make their own annotations, move back and forth between meeting materials, make their own notes during the meeting, and annotate directly onto the meeting materials on their own user view.

The platform facilitates interaction between presenters and audience members in a few important ways. Presenters have the ability to send out multiple choice questions to the audience, with that data captured and reported to the presenter in real time. Audience members are given the ability to indicate that they have a question or comment through the app, thus helping to facilitate interaction, particularly in larger groups. They are even able to submit questions and comments to the presenter anonymously to ensure that every voice is heard. All data captured through the meeting platform is saved for post-meeting analysis, providing critical insights into the healthcare industry and thus help optimize future ETHOS events. Administrators can allow post-event access to meeting materials if they so choose.

MVP integrated a variety of help materials to provide guidance to meeting attendees on how to make use of the extensive interactive features found in the tablet app they use to experience Engage-facilitated meetings. MVP also wrote user's guides for meeting facilitators and users alike so that all could get the most out of the app. The platform allows ETHOS to ask meeting attendees to fill out a short survey afterwards and thus gather critical intelligence on the relative success of each event, with analytic tools designed to give a broader perspective to audience reception of any given meeting. MVP also created a custom solution that allowed ETHOS Engage meetings to occur even where there is no or poor internet access. Finally, MVP created a special video tutorial to introduce the incredible depth to this advanced collaboration and learning tool. MVP's efforts on the project were acknowledged formally when it won its second Tabby Award of its history, for the Best Healthcare and Pharmaceutical App of 2014.

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