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Hyperion Clinical Training eLearning

This interactive video-based Continuing Medical Education (CME) eLearning tool was created by Maximum Value Programming for Hyperion in 2008. The eLearning developer went on location to a San Francisco hospital to capture footage of patients being rated according to two coma scale assessments by physicians, with MVP casting the actors that portray the patients from its Actors' Network. MVP then edited all footage down to finished video segments for integration into the final eLearning platform. MVP developed an attractive graphical user interface (GUI) to ensure effortless navigation on the platform. Users are prompted to view all the videos on the platform, after which they are granted access to the testing area. Comprehensive usage and performance metrics are captured and collected in an online database for review by the client. Upon successful completion, users are awarded a personalized certificate of completion. The finished eLearning platform demonstrates the advantages that come from choosing a truly full-service software application development company like Maximum Value Programming.

Technical Features:

  • Dual-server platform for security supported by IIS 7.5 web server
  • Non-internet-facing ultra-secure database storage using MySQL 5.1.45 64-bit with Centos 5 OS
  • UI supported by custom programming in Flash
  • Platform compatible with multiple browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and more

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