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LSVT LOUD® Mobile Medical Application

LSVT Global developed a new speech therapy treatment, LSVT LOUD®, to help those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological conditions improve their intelligibility. (Parkinson’s patients are often too quiet and inarticulate to understand.) In addition to serving as a guide to the administration of the program, LSVT Global wanted a way to promote the treatment among potential clinicians and encourage them to become certified in its administration. They came to Maximum Value Programming to develop a new custom mobile medical application that would help guide clinicians and patients alike through the one-month, 16-session program.

MVP established an original, contemporary design featuring big, bold buttons for navigation, large simple images, and large texts to make the app as easy as possible to use for the typically older demographic that would benefit the most from the mobile medical application. The LSVT LOUD® mobile medical app was made for both iPhones® and Android™ smartphones to make it as widely available as possible. Treatment sessions were outlined, and a full calendar of scheduled therapeutic sessions was integrated to help clinicians and patients keep track of their progress.

A homework log allows users to save dated notes on their work in between sessions for later review. Illustrations help convey the essentials behind the importance of breath support, articulation, and overall effort to being heard by others. The app also includes links to online resources, including additional LSVT LOUD treatment materials, and reimbursement codes to help facilitate billing. The application is password protected so that only clinicians that have been certified in administering the LSVT LOUD therapeutic program are granted access to the clinician-specific features of the mobile medical application. The final application was launched on the Apple App® and Google Play™ stores in 2016, and is sure to help LSVT Global in their continued efforts to improve the lives of patients with Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological conditions affecting speech.

LSVT LOUD® is a registered trademark of LSVT Global, Inc.
App Store® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.
Google Play™ store is a trademark of Google, Inc.

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