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Medical Software

MVP’s experience with the development and implementation of medical software is extensive. Medical institutions, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies have always been at the forefront of computer usage in the course of their operations, and MVP has been working with the healthcare industry to develop software that assists them in all dimensions of their practice, from database management to online training and certifications programs. The development of software involves acquiring a deep knowledge of the desired goals for the project, and MVP’s vertically integrated set of skills can address all features of the software, from the look and feel of the user interface, the logical structure of the information, and the quality control and testing required to ensure the perfect functionality of the final result.

Because medical software can be developed to meet a wide range of purposes, MVP is prepared to offer any type of service associated with its goals, from the integration of images video, audio, animations, and more. For example, a training program for diagnosing, treating and researching problems associated with swallowing disorders incorporated a series of extremely detailed, anatomically accurate 3D computer animations into training, certification and patient tracking software MVP created for a highly useful and innovative complete medical cycle application, now used daily by thousands of clinicians.

The use of a particular computer language is an important choice for medical software, not just for the immediate result, but other strategic decisions, such as the manner with which updates to the software are implemented, and the flexibility and ease of use of the language for the intended purpose. Reliable platform support and the longevity of the software are critical factors in these decisions, and MVP is eminently qualified to make recommendations for initial development choices. Our fluency in a wide selection of computer languages enables us to remain totally flexible and able to apply an agnostic design philosophy that can make use of the optimum choice of tools to accomplish a project and ensure its long term viability.

For medical software that remains current and retains its value over time, MVP focuses on value-added services other software developers can’t match. We have refined our process to create a linear incremental integrated approach that engages our clients and makes the process intelligible and enjoyable. If you are planning to implement new medical software into your operations, MVP can realize its fullest potential. One of our medical software projects won a Tabby Award for Best Healthcare i-Pad App in 2014 with a peer-to-peer i-Pad-based healthcare communication system.

MVP is a professional custom software company that has produced award winning medical software for eLearning, certification programs, and innovative solutions for the healthcare industry that are not otherwise available. By developing and implementing unique solutions to complex problems, MVP offers its expertise to streamline information and its delivery through optimized information management and attractive and appropriate user interface design.

Located just outside Philadelphia, MVP’s staff of fully degreed custom software design professionals can develop medical software in the most optimum computer programming language, implement it across any portal and deliver it every device. MVP’s award winning approach to custom software design is incremental intuitive and methodical, with a well established process that keeps clients in the loop and informed at all times. By keeping the client’s goals at the forefront of every custom software programming challenge, MVP anticipates every demand and exceeds expectations.

As a vertically integrated studio, MVP is uniquely poised to offer the most comprehensive and professional standards for all facets of custom software development. Whether your medical software project requires cutting edge graphic design, user interface design, professional level multimedia support including 2D and 3D animation video and a fully equipped suite of video production and sound, MVP has the polished and cost effective set of services. Call us or submit a request form here.



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