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Mobile Apps

With the explosion of online marketing and the advent of mobile devices as the predominant platform for internet content, mobile apps are a central focus of MVP’s business. As many more companies turn to the numerous benefits provided by mobile software, MVP has continued to lead the way towards value added, cost-effective solutions that stand out above the competition. Mobilizing ideas into compelling mobile apps requires more than just an inspired proposal; it takes expertise in a number of cross disciplinary design and programming languages and technologies that maximize the longevity and user experience of the final result. MVP, a custom software design company, stays ahead of the trends to provide the innovations that mean the most to a business—more traffic to the app, more users, and more success.

MVP’s approach relies on our long-standing experience with all facets of online marketing and custom software development. We’ve been developing online content since the internet’s inception and we continue to refine our approach to every project. Our facility, located just outside Philadelphia, has a uniquely vertical integration of services under one roof. Whatever the needs of any given mobile application project, MVP can assign a team of full-time, highly trained staff to address both the overall structure and intent as well as the fine detail and quality control. A strong background in a wide variety of programming languages and deployment platforms allows for an agnostic approach that can readily adapt to all platforms, devices, and operating systems, and with all media forms.

A typical team for mobile apps will incorporate the skills of a designer, an interactivity specialist, a user interface architect, programmers, a build-out technician, and a writer who will act as the project coordinator the primary point of contact. If the project also requires 2D or 3D animation, videography, illustration, or special sound design, our facility is equipped with the technology and knowhow to bring it to life. MVP would be pleased to show you how effective and dynamic your mobile apps can be.

MVP is a professional custom software firm that offers innovative mobile apps for business, healthcare, and industrial markets. By using a well established method for custom software development, MVP arrives at unique solutions for complex problems, and delivers a product that delivers information in an attractive and logical interface, backed up with optimized custom software programming and responsive web design. Our extensive experience with online software development makes us the ideal choice for the effective implementation of new ideas in an online format, and MVP’s knowledge of best practices in responsive web design ensures that mobile apps have the same seamless look and feel across every information portal and on every device. Google’s ‘https everywhere’ initiative for responsive web design greatly enhances web searches, as well as software and data security, and MVP regularly implements their protocols into the custom software development of mobile apps to ensure the best performance and standing in the online marketplace.

Whether you need custom software programming for cloud-based applications, medical software applications with cutting edge graphics and interface design, or custom software programming for Software-as-a-Service, e-Learning, or e-commerce programs, or any other software solution, MVP will provide the most professional custom software with lasting value for your business or organization and your customers, employees, or colleagues. Call us or submit a request form here.



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