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OFL Multimedia eLearning Website and Tablet Application

Maximum Value Programming created this custom multimedia eLearning website to help train those with developmental disabilities for Open Future Learning in 2012. The platform is exemplary of the remarkable things that can be accomplished through custom computer programming services, combining an eLearning platform with a custom eCommerce solution in addition to a Content Management System (CRM) software that helps OFL populate additional course materials on their own. The eLearning experience itself is quite innovative. Users are presented an incredible mix of video, images, animations, and interactive exercises throughout, ensuring active engagement at every step of the way. Users are also prompted to take notes at key intervals to encourage knowledge retention.

The custom eCommerce features give the client flexibility to create accounts for larger groups when organizations want to buy on behalf of their employees, whose work on the training modules could then be tracked by those responsible for the broader group. MVP made sure to include an elegantly designed front end to help extend OFL's brand and display a look that demonstrated the same level of sophistication as the custom software application development that powers the platform does itself. After developing the web-based eLearning platform, MVP applied its custom mobile application development to create versions optimized for both Apple iPads and Android tablets. The website also includes a blog system that is regularly updated with new content generated by the client to help attract more attention from search engines, in addition to copious amounts of marketing content explaining the purpose and method of the instruction found on the eLearning platform.

Technical Features:

  • CDN Streaming and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) video delivery
  • Dynamic XML-driven data structure
  • Single source code for Android and iOS app development
  • Dual-server platform for security supported by IIS 7.5 web server
  • Non-internet-facing ultra-secure database storage using MySQL 5.1.45 64-bit with Centos 5 OS
  • ColdFusion 8.0.1 32-bit dynamic page generation supported by PHP 5.2.8 inter-server communication
  • UI supported by custom programming in JavaScript, JQuery, and Flash
  • Platform compatible with multiple browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and more

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