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Philips EP Navigator Virtual Medical Simulation

Maximum Value Programming created the EP Navigator Virtual Medical Simulation, the third in a series of 5, for Philips Healthcare in 2011. Like the XperGuide, this VMS is used to train clinicians on new procedures using new medical equipment in a true-to-life Interactive Immersive Environment portraying an incredibly realistic view from inside a lab and procedure room. The EP Navigator begins with an integrated video of a spokesperson introducing the eLearning tool, which is then followed by a passive simulation with guidance provided by a voice-over narration of the same spokesperson detailing the procedure step by step. The third portion of the program features an active simulation that tests trainees knowledge retention in the virtual lab environment, reproducing as closely as possible the experience of going through the procedure in real life without any of the challenges or dangers inherent in real-world practice. Once users complete the active simulation, they are then tested through a series of multiple-choice questions. After successful completion of this post-simulation testing, users are awarded with a personalized certificate of completion.

Additional resources are integrated through the virtual medical simulation, including close-captioned texts of the spoken instruction, Quick Reference Card PDFs, and a easy-access navigational system that allows users to go to the precise point in the eLearning materials that they want to get to at any time. A login and registration area allows performance metrics to be captured and queried via a back-end administrative area. Like the XperGuide, MVP also developed the EP Navigator as a mobile application for easier use on tablets and smartphones. This online and mobile app, like all of the Philips Virtual Medical Simulations, demonstrates how MVP's unique blend of artistic and technical capabilities allow it to deliver original and engaging interactive programming projects that are as engaging as they are functional.

Technical Features:

  • XML-driven data structure
  • Adobe Media Server streaming video delivery
  • User Administration and Testing Reports
  • Video Production and Post-Production
  • Dual-server platform for security supported by IIS 7.5 web server
  • Non-internet-facing ultra-secure database storage using MySQL 5.1.45 with Centos 5 OS
  • ColdFusion 8.0.1 32-bit dynamic page generation supported by PHP 5.2.8 inter-server communication
  • UI supported by custom programming in Flash and JavaScript
  • Platform compatible with multiple browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and more

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