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Sensis Condoms Interactive Multimedia Website

Maximum Value Programming designed and developed this interactive multimedia website for Grove Medical in 2009. They wanted to develop a bold way to introduce their unique Sensis Condom, which includes a number of features that help to enhance usability, safety, and the overall experience. The platform showcased original 2D animations that were tastefully suggestive of the topic, accompanied by three voice-over narrations of testimonials from a straight man and woman as well as a gay man. The website also includes a demonstration animation with 3D effects to explain the unique features of the product. Numerous other features to the website were added to increase engagement among viewers, including a sample request form, a sex quiz, a free screensaver download, and a wealth of information, including a custom blog for news. Finally, MVP developed a viral video platform which encouraged site viewers to create videos to submit for incorporation onto the site and potentially win a cash prize. Website visitors could also participate in a forum and add comments to videos uploaded to the platform by other visitors. MVP developed an administrative area to establish guidelines for the viral video contest, approve or deny user video submissions, and set daily limits for the number of free samples offered.
Technical Features:

  • Real-time SVG animation
  • Real-time 3D animation with Papervison3D engine
  • Video upload and server-side MP4 encoding
  • User login and social media components

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