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Software and Data Security

Software and Data Security

Software and data security is one of the principle concerns for businesses as they migrate their proprietary information, marketing and sales efforts into cloud-based services and applications, and develop e-commerce architecture for their customers. E-commerce systems offer tremendous advantages to both businesses and consumers, but a number of critical security issues must be addressed prior to a safe and effective implementation. As leaders in the field of custom software design and development since 1994, MVP is poised to provide you with the most advanced and secure online business tools, with software and data security services that follow the most recent Google protocols for best practices. We know how to secure a website, and we are fully conversant with encrypted websites using SSL certificates or other preferred HTTPS encryption methods to comply with Google’s new ‘HTTPS everywhere’ initiative.

Google works with developers to establish commonly held standards that reinforce methods to keep web data secure and to maintain excellent connections with reliable security. By working within these guidelines, a number of benefits accrue to the site. Not only is data more protected from outside influence, but Google also favors sites that employ these practices and drives more traffic with preferred SEO search results. MVP’s experienced professional staff is skilled with responsive web design development procedures, and work to create fully functional websites that are cost effective, dynamic, and demonstrate all of the qualities of a fully optimized website with state-of-the-art user experience. Responsive web design, coded and deployed properly, includes new levels of software and data security, with improved initial development features and the ability to deliver the same online experience on every device and display screen, and across all media, platforms, and operating systems. The information architecture of responsive web design is designed for greater convenience in the ongoing maintenance as well, making it easier to edit and update.

Unlike many (or most) web software developers, Maximum Value Programming (MVP) does not develop based or WordPress, or other mainstream templates. If you search “WordPress vulnerabilities” on Google you will understand why.

WordPress is a huge target for hackers. Currently, there are over six thousand known WordPress vulnerabilities and malware with about an average of six new ones being added each and every day.

Focusing on the latest innovations in web development practice and a customized responsive web platform ensures that MVP continues to deliver maximum value to their customers, keeps all data and transactions secure and risk-free, and extends the life of their product with methods that carry website functionality well into the future.

MVP is a professional custom software company that specializes in providing robust and reliable software and data security solutions for businesses, healthcare clinics, hospitals, and other types of medical institutions, as well as many different industrial markets. By addressing security concerns in a methodical and knowledgeable way, secure strategies can be implemented to fully protect all software and its associated data, whether it involves an online, cloud-based system with many users or a local network used by an exclusive group.

As one of the leading professional custom software firms in the Mid-Atlantic, our diverse skill set includes a select group of highly knowledgeable full-time custom software designers backed up with state-of-the-art technology and associated custom software development services. Software and data security is a key concern for all of our clients, and all of our projects follow precise protocols for data security that responds to new challenges, ensures best practices for updates and patches, and employs the most efficient and reliable methods. We focus on security that anticipates and exceeds client demand with agile solutions that head off problems before they occur.

For data that remains secure and software that can be readily accessed for those that need to maintain and service it, MVP stands out above the competition. Software and data security for cloud-based applications, medical software applications with cutting edge graphics and interface design, or custom software programming for CRM platforms or e-commerce programs, or any other software solution, ensures lasting value for your business or organization, and security for your customers, employees, and associates. Call us or submit a request form here.



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