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Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Systems Integration is a highly specialized skill that is increasingly in demand for online software development projects. Because of the advent of cloud-based strategies for custom software development, delivery, and maintenance is swiftly being implemented, many firms are contending with the requirements of their existing system’s infrastructure and the demands for innovation and integration in the new cloud based platform options. MVP is uniquely qualified to perform the most comprehensive, strategic, and optimized systems integration service for your business, as it meets the marketplace with maximum efficiency and impact.

Cloud based delivery services known as SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS, (Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and Platform-as-a-Service, respectively) nicely summarize the options available for developers and businesses seeking systems integration. Each indicates the level to which any business is willing to commit to the cloud for its information architecture. Software-as-a-Service employs the cloud as a method to distribute selected applications. Infrastructure-as-a-Service involves moving a business’s core infrastructure equipment over to the cloud. The racks of server equipment, telephone systems, firewalls, etc. can now be hosted by the cloud’s data centers offsite, providing excellent savings on equipment and IT personnel support. Platform-as-a-Service offers a template for proprietary code, shared hosting, and the use of Google Appgen and Amazon web services for storage platforms, payment gateways, and many others. While this option provides some of the most comprehensive set of capabilities, a business should commit to a PaaS advisedly, with careful attention to the range of available capabilities offered, the I/O performance, and the long term viability of the provider.

As professional information technologists, MVP can recommend the best systems integration for your business. To participate in cloud-based services, and to avoid the potentially costly pitfalls companies can often make in the transition to the cloud, MVP will help you make the most out of the leap into this new method of information management and delivery.

Systems integration has become an important focus for MVP as many businesses, healthcare facilities, and industrial markets make the transition to cloud applications and other online information delivery portals. As an experienced developer of custom software, MVP's background ranges from desktop applications to innovative mobile apps, Software-as-a-Service, cloud applications, and more. As a result, MVP has also developed considerable expertise in the management and integration of critical information infrastructure, such as CRM systems, or customer relationship management software. We are prepared to offer valuable guidance in the initial choices for companies that need an efficient and cost effective setup for their CRM system and the way it interacts with other structures companies use. Ease of use, compatibility, ease of maintenance, minimal transition and set-up time, and long term viability in the hosting options will all make systems integration cost effective and trouble free.

Whether you need custom systems integration for cloud based applications CRM platforms or e-commerce programs, MVP can incorporate the different types of information delivery into a seamless operation that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Call us or submit a request form here.



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