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Web Applications

MVP has been a leader in the internet industry since its inception, and has continued to provide innovation solutions to our client’s most critical business challenges. We have refined our process into an agile, step-by-step system that is capable of incorporating nearly every conceivable aspect of custom online software development. Our uniquely comprehensive vertical structure, comprised of highly skilled and versatile staff, enables us to tackle any challenge to ensure customer satisfaction.

Web applications can often involve different types of development expertise. Each job will be assigned one designer, an interactivity specialist, a user interface architect, programmers, build-out technicians, and a writer with specialized SEO skills that will place your online presence at the top of the most pertinent internet searches on Google. With MVP’s agnostic design philosophy and professional staff, all media forms can be readily handled using any platform, device, or operating system. Some projects will also need to combine 3D computer animation, videography, illustration, and specialized audio material, and MVP has the vertical integration to do it all under one roof.

MVP has the experience to design web applications that meet their highest potential. Our process has become streamlined over the years to deliver the best possible result for our clients. This involves a deeply interactive and iterative design process that covers a broad checklist of criteria for performance, both in the look and feel of the interface, the simplicity and ease of use, and the careful attention to all of the details in software functionality, security and search engine optimization.

The design process for excellent web applications relies on face-to-face meetings with the client to understand the underlying logic that drives the project, and to apply the best resources, including the most optimum programming choice and the expertise to follow through to the last detail. MVP uses a quality control process that allows for thorough testing and retesting, achieving results that work seamlessly across every platform. MVP works directly with our customers to determine the primary goals of the software and provide the simplest interface with the most complete and sophisticated structure to support it.

Located just outside Philadelphia, MVP is ideally situated to respond to clients in the thriving Mid-Atlantic business community, and we maintain an international clientele for a wide range of web applications. MVP’s peer-to-peer iPad based healthcare communication system won the Tabby Award for Best Healthcare iPad App in 2014. MVP would be pleased to offer our expertise for your ongoing web development projects.

As an experienced custom software company, MVP creates web applications for business, healthcare, and industrial markets that other custom software developers cannot match. Our vertically integrated studio, located in the Philadelphia area, offers a full range of custom software programming expertise with an impressive set of associated services to enhance and develop web applications to their optimum level of design, ease of use, cost effectiveness, and long term performance. In a fast paced market it’s important to create products with longevity and value for the companies and customers using it, so MVP focuses on quality in the user experience, the information architecture, and the soundness of the software and data security.

MVP’s approach to software development for web applications is flexible and does not rely on a limited set of options. With our seasoned staff of professional software designers, we are accustomed to evaluating a project and deciding on the optimum computer programming language for implementation. From there we guide our clients through a methodical step-by-step process to achieve all project goals. MVP provides the entire spectrum of multimedia experience for their customers, and can incorporate professional level sound and video, including 2D and 3D animation, interface design and much more. For web applications that exceed your expectations, call us or submit a request form here.



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