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HoverTech Website with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Maximum Value Programming offered its custom computer programming services to develop a new custom website design with comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features for HoverTech International in 2014. The website had a complete design overhaul to ensure a crisp, modern look while also improving navigability for site visitors. The front end includes a wide range of materials, from images and texts to videos that demonstrate the value of the company's medical mobility devices in use. The CRM website's menu allowed visitors to explore specific products directly or to click through a variety of potential clinical environments so that they can see a range of HoverTech products that could be applicable for their particular needs. The site also features extensive literature such as brochures, articles, and product manuals for easy reference by both current and potential HoverTech customers.

What truly sets the website apart is its robust Customer Relationship Management System, which combines features of both extranets and intranets. There are three levels of access to the CRM system: customers, sales representatives, and administrators. The customer web portal/extranet allows access to training videos and others files which can be customized by administrators to their precise purchases. Sales representative web portal/intranet allows for the download a variety of materials on the products they sell as well as store and review information on their leads and schedule when they should next be in contact with them. Finally, administrators' intranet access allows them to manage the many resources, both public and restricted, available on the website, including catalogs, brochures, and videos. They can assign sales representatives to specific geographical areas and upload groups of leads discovered at events like trade shows via Excel document or individually.

Administrators can also view which sales proposals were won or lost and view reports and graphs indicating the relative success of their various products generating leads in addition to the overall quality of all HoverTech leads as well as how many leads are in the various stages of the new business development process. Finally, the platform allows administrators to use a customized text editor to create, send, save, and edit email campaigns and newsletters, including defining different mailing lists so they can be sure to target the right information to the right people. The extensive features of the customer relationship management software, combined with the elegant design and intuitive navigation of the website's front end, demonstrate the unique value that Maximum Value Programming offers as a web portal development company. 

Technical Features:

  • Dual-server platform for security supported by IIS 8.5 web server
  • Non-internet-facing ultra-secure database storage using MySQL 5.6.16 with Centos 5 OS
  • ColdFusion 10.0 64-bit dynamic page generation supported by PHP 5.2.8 inter-server communication
  • UI supported by custom programming in Flash and JQuery
  • Platform compatible with multiple browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and more

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